A Higher Standard for Service.


Councilman Ricky Templet has a way; a way of bringing his colleagues and constituents together behind an idea, a vision. He believes whole-heartedly in every mission he undertakes and brings a passion for public service. Councilman Templet offers a keen understanding of how to legislate and a skillful willingness to broker compromise for progress.

In broad terms, Councilman Ricky Templet is focused on enhancing: (1) Quality of Life, (2) Public Safety, (3) Economic Development/Tourism, (4) Flood Protection, (5) Infrastructure and (6) Coastal Restoration & Hurricane Protection.

Across Jefferson there’s robust economic development, vast flood protection and drainage projects, millions of dollars of road widening and repairs, and dozens of projects to make living in the parish more rewarding. All the while, Councilman Ricky Templet has been a pillar of strength in Jefferson’s growth and regeneration.

After all, garnering better drainage, better flood protection, smoother roads, enhanced beautification, quality of life upgrades and smarter safety controls will benefit ALL citizens of Jefferson Parish.

I. Your Family’s Quality of Life is Important to Councilman Templet

    • BELLEMEADE WALKING TRAIL – The project includes new concrete paving, aluminum and wood fencing, landscaping and drainage.
    • PARC DES FAMILLES – Ongoing improvements include a 2,000-foot boardwalk, pavilion restroom facilities, two paved parking lots, picnic area, bike path, reception hall, walking trails, conservation area and botanical gardens.
    • CROWN POINT’S GLISSON PARK – Improvements have included installation of a walking trail, playground equipment, benches, picnic pavilions and water fountains.
    • WEST JEFFERSON ANIMAL SHELTER – As someone who loves pets, and a dog owner himself, Ricky is committed to funding a dog park next to the new shelter.
    • GRETNA SERENITY PARK TO BEAUTIFY LANDSCAPE – A place to reflect, this beautiful, peaceful park near the revitalized Gretna library, features paved walkways, lush landscaping and a centerpiece fountain.
    • DOG PARKS – We can’t forget that our furry friends need places to meet, greet and socialize with other dogs. Look for more of these across Jefferson Parish.
    • SPLASH PARK – A first for the Westbank of Jefferson Parish will be a splash park for kids to cool off on hot summer days! Ricky Templet is a strong supporter of families and for providing family recreation.
    • HANDICAPPED FISHING PIER – By partnering with the CCA (Coastal Conservation Association), the Handicap Fishing Pier in lower Lafitte is being reconstructed and upgraded with the addition of a kayak launch.

II. Public Safety – Protecting You and Your Family

    • BRIGHTENING THE WAY THROUGH STREET LIGHTING – Numerous projects are underway, almost all paid for by a dedicated street lighting tax. This ambitious multi-year plan also provides for lighting upgrades in many neighborhoods that will make our streets safer and brighter.
    • PROTECTING YOU FROM VIOLENT CRIME – Police protection and neighborhood patrols continue to be a priority in the ever-present fight to make our neighborhoods safer for our families.
    • A STRONG CAMPAIGNER FOR AND SUPPORTER OF LAW ENFORCEMENT – Instrumental in creating the Westbank Major Crimes Task Force that was empowered to go anywhere in the parish and prevent violent crime and drug crime. The task force had an incredible 85% conviction rate and is now known as the Jefferson Parish Crime Task Force as it now includes Kenner and Harahan.
    • CAMERAS SEE MORE THAN WE EVER CAN – By helping to bring License Plate Recognition cameras around the Parish to search for stolen vehicles, police are able to capture criminals and prevent further crime.
    • THE HOLIDAYS SHOULD BE ABOUT FUN NOT FEAR – By providing funding to hire additional Police protection and neighborhood patrols during the holidays, Councilman Templet has worked to ensure a safer Halloween for our children and a safer holiday season for us all. 

III. Economic Development / Tourism

      • Construction is happening at Fuji Vegetable Oil Company for food processing, storage and distribution.
      • Avondale Shipyard was purchased and is back into commerce as Avondale Marine LLC.
      • US Foods is tripling the size of its F. Christiana facility in Marrero, creating a big new distribution plant on River Road that is generating new jobs in Jefferson Parish.
      • Local business are opening daily bringing new jobs to Jefferson Parish. 

IV. Flood Protection Is Your Protection

    • TERRY PARKWAY DRAINAGE PROJECT – The goal was to not only improve the appearance of Terry Parkway but also to enhance the drainage capability to protect homes, like yours, from flooding.
    • JEAN LAFITTE CELEBRATES A NEW PHASE OF LEVEE WORK – Through sheer perseverance, Councilman Templet generated hundreds of millions of dollars for storm protection for the West Bank of Jefferson Parish. With new levees and new protection berm stretching from Bayou Dupont to Barataria Bay, Lafitte and Grand Isle are better fortified against a rising tide than ever before and that protects West Jefferson as a whole.
    • CONTINUING TO IMPROVE OUR PUMPING CAPACITY – Councilman Templet has worked to make sure our pumping capacity is where it needs to be by working to replace 11 pumps, seeing that 6 new pumping stations are being built and that any outdated pump is scheduled for replacement.
    • SUPERIOR FLOOD PROTECTION MEANS LOWER INSURANCE COSTS FOR YOU – By working to lower the Base Elevation for 52,000 structures insurance costs were reduced. It is Councilman Templet’s goal to reduce insurance by 35% and become a first class-five community as rated by the National Flood Insurance Program. This would rank Jefferson Parish in the Top 10 Elite Communities in America for flood mitigation. 

V. Infrastructure Enhancement and Improvement

    • RISING ABOVE THE TIDE – Councilman Templet has led the way for more than 200 homes to be raised above Flood Protection Elevation (FPE) through the Repetitive Loss Program funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
    • AMES BOULEVARD WIDENING – Improved drainage and traffic flow are the goals. The project adds a continuous left lane down the center of Ames, which allows for better traffic flow and reduces the potential for rear end collisions. Safety is also enhanced by the elimination of the drainage ditches.
    • 4th STREET EXTENSION – This $8 million dollar project funded by the Federal Highway Commission, the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, the Regional Planning Commission and the City of Gretna successfully connected the City of Gretna to the Crescent City Connection and took large trucks off of residential streets, making the streets safer for all of the residents for Gretna, especially the children.
    • ENSURING A SMOOTH DRIVE TO WORK, HOME AND SHOPPING – Working with the Jefferson Parish Council, Councilman Templet has worked diligently to provide funding for smooth and well-maintained streets that includes 3,100 miles of road and 222 bridges that are cared for on a daily basis. During his time on the Council, the Jefferson Parish Street Department has replaced over 4,000 street panels, repaired 17,000 potholes and paved 15 miles of roadways. Smart use of the ⅞ cent sales tax led to over 135 roadway and sewer related projects equaling over $436 million in infrastructure upgrades.

VI. Coastal Restoration equals Hurricane Protection

    • RESTORATION TO FIFI ISLAND – You may have never heard of it, but it’s the front line of Jefferson Parish’s fight against hurricanes. The first phase of the project involved the installation of nearly 5,000 feet of rock dike on a part of Fifi Island at risk of breaching and converting to open water. Councilman Templet has made flood protection a priority in his funding and focus.
    • THE BARATARIA BAY IS THE BACK DOOR TO NEW ORLEANS – In the 14-mile Barataria Sediment Diversion project, new marshland is being created. Stretching from the Mississippi River to the Barataria Waterway, there’s not only land, but also an increase in wildlife. With the success of the diversion, we’ll be seeking funding to take it even further.